Pregnancy and the Dentist

Family Dentist Chesapeake VAContinuing routine dental visits during pregnancy is an important part of overall oral health. Visiting your dentist is safe to do while pregnant, and can help you deal with any pregnancy-related dental cares. Maintaining good oral health is part of maintaining good overall health during this crucial period.

Tell Your Dentist if You are Pregnant

Inform your dental office when you schedule your appointment if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant. Let them know how far along you are, if you are taking medications, and if you have special advice from your doctor. Depending on your pregnancy and medical history, there are some treatments that should wait until after delivery; your dentist will recommend postponing treatments as necessary.

Pregnancy and Your Mouth

There are a number of dental conditions that pregnancy can make worse or cause; regular dental checkups and proper oral care help you keep your mouth healthy. The following are some possible conditions you might experience:

Pregnancy Gingivitis – Increased hormone levels during pregnancy make you more prone to experience swollen, tender gums.

Tooth Decay – If you experience morning sickness or eat more carbs than usual, you may be more likely to experience tooth decay while pregnant.

Pregnancy Tumors – Occasionally, growths of tissue form on the gums during pregnancy. They are thought to be related to excess plaque and usually go away after the baby is born, but sometimes need to be removed.

Dental Treatments During Pregnancy

There are a number of dental treatments that are safe to perform during pregnancy, including the following:

Medications – Tell your dentist about any medications you are taking so they can choose a medication that will be safe for you to take during pregnancy.

Local Anesthetics – The numbing medication used by dentists for procedures like root canals, fillings, and tooth removal is safe for use during pregnancy.

Dental X-Ray – X-rays taken during pregnancy have been found to be safe, and the dental hygienist will cover you with an apron to minimize radiation exposure to the abdomen.

If you are pregnant, visit our family dentist Chesapeake VA for a cleaning. We can help you keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy; contact RB Comprehensive Dentistry today to learn more.