5 Holiday Dental Tips for Healthy Mouths

With the holidays coming up, most families are breaking out their trusty family cookbooks and getting their shopping lists ready so they can pile their tables full of tasty treats, belly-filling meals, and decadent desserts. Any why not? The holidays only come once a year and there’s nothing better than celebrating it with kith and kin.dentist in norfolk va

But, despite the holidays being a time of year to relax and to “let yourself go,” it is by no means time to get lax on your dental care. In fact, you should make a concentrated effort to optimize your oral hygiene during the holidays so you can counteract all of the sweet treats you’re going to be indulging in. So, to help you get through it, here are five holiday dental tips for keeping your mouth healthy from your dentist in Norfolk VA.

#1: Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is good for your teeth for two major reasons – the water helps to prevent your mouth from drying out (which promotes tooth decay) and it washes away any bits of food that might otherwise get stuck in between your teeth. So, instead of reaching for a can of sugary soda or a dehydrating alcohol-based drink, stick with good old water and your teeth will thank you.

#2: Avoid Sticky Sides and Treats

Sticky foods are the worst things you can eat when you’re trying to keep your teeth healthy because these foods stick to the teeth and attract enamel-busting bacteria long after you’re done eating. But, what can you do when your holiday table is packed with things like cranberry relish, sweet potatoes casserole with marshmallows, and mashed potatoes? We say, enjoy them but be moderate in your portion sizes, and wash it all down with plenty of water so nothing remains behind on your teeth.

#3: Shorten the Length of Your Meals

Many families spend far too long at the dinner table during the holidays and this always leads to overeating. They sit, eat dinner, talk, then eat some more, then talk some more, have coffee and then have dessert. Instead of chatting around the kitchen, where temptation is always a hand’s-width away, take everyone to the living room and share stories, watch the football game, or play some games. You’ll have a more memorable time with your loved ones and you’ll spare your teeth from being overexposed to sticky, sweet, and acidic foods.

#4: Brush and Floss

Whether you’re hosting the big holiday meal or you’re a guest at someone’s house, have a toothbrush and floss with you so you can brush and floss your teeth about 30 minutes after you eat. This will help remove any food that was left behind on your teeth. If you feel uncomfortable about brushing and flossing at someone’s house, bring along some xylitol gum with you and chew a piece 30 minutes after you eat. This will increase your saliva production which will help wash away bits of food while also assisting with your digestion.

#5: Schedule a Post-Holiday Appointment with Your Dentist

If you have a hard time sticking to the above dental advice, then the least you should do is schedule an appointment with your dentist in Norfolk VA after the holidays. Your dentist will be able to provide your teeth with a thorough cleaning and fix any issues your holiday indulgences might have fostered. This is an important step in avoiding potentially painful and costly problems from arising down the road.

Get Ready for the Holidays: Schedule Your Next Appointment with Your Dentist in Norfolk VA  

After the holidays, it can be hard to get in to see the dentist because everyone wants to have their teeth cleaned and cared for after overindulging on an array of decadent foods. So, schedule your family’s post-holiday dental appointments today with RB Comprehensive Dentistry, your trusted dentist in Norfolk VA. We have three locations in the Hampton Roads area, so we have an office conveniently located near you.

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