5 Foods that Cause Stains on Your Teeth

Teeth yellow naturally as people age, and can also be a hallmark of poor dental hygiene. This is why white teeth correlate with youth, attractiveness, and greater success in social and business situations. Sometimes, teeth develop surface stains from certain foods and beverages that can detract from their appearance and require help from a dentist in Norfolk VA to correct. To avoid staining teeth, be careful with:

  • Coffee or Tea.

Tea is the most widely drunk beverage in the world after water, and over 54% of American adults drink coffee daily. Unfortunately, natural compounds in both of these beverages can contribute to brown staining on teeth. Their acidity can also erode enamel, contributing to discoloration.

  • Berries and pomegranates.

Deeply colored fruits contain antioxidants like anthocyanidins that give them their pigmentation. Unfortunately, the same compounds that help prevent cancer and heart disease can stain teeth. Use a straw when drinking smoothies, and rinse with water after eating berries to help curb the effect.

  • Bright spices.

Some seasonings, like those in curry, give dishes just as much color as they do flavor. While they’re brightening up a dish, they’re also staining your teeth. Follow colorful dishes with natural teeth-cleaners like raw apples or celery, and always brush after meals.

  • Tomato dishes.

Tomatoes are acidic and highly pigmented — two things that lead to stained teeth. Eat salad as an appetizer to help protect teeth, and drink water after a tomato-based meal. Avoid brushing teeth immediately, as the acid in tomatoes can make it easier to weaken enamel.

  • Soy sauce.

Like tea and coffee, dark condiments like soy sauce or balsamic vinegar can stain teeth. Any naturally dark liquid may cause stains, but the acidity of soy sauce or vinegar make it easier to do so. Adding crunchy vegetables to meals can help reduce some of this staining.

Wanting unstained teeth doesn’t have to mean completely missing out on the foods and beverages you love. If you want to eliminate stains and have the bright, white smile of your dreams, contact RB Comprehensive Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.