5 Tips for Good Oral Care During the Holidays

holiday-cookies-christmasThe holiday season is filled with all manner of decadent delights. From cakes, cookies, and candy to pies and savory dinners, this is the one time of year when diets are thrown to the wind. But, it’s also the time of year when taking care of your teeth takes on even greater importance. The good thing is, practicing good oral care really isn’t that difficult. All it takes is recognizing risks, eating in moderation, and keeping up with your dental care routine. In short, here are five simple tips for good oral care to help get you through the holidays without having to make an emergency visit to your dentist Chesapeake VA.

#1: Pay Mind to the Sugary Sweets

In most families, the holidays are filled with gut-busting dinners and sweet desserts. Stockings are stuffed with candies, bubble gum, and other sugary confections. We understand that enjoying these treats certainly play a role in one’s enjoyment of the holidays, so we would never ask you to pass by Aunt Mable’s annual Christmas cake. But, we do ask that you keep in mind how much sugary foods you consume during your holidays and to brush and floss after eating them. By paying attention to how much sugar you eat this holiday, your teeth will be healthier and you won’t have to work as hard on the treadmill starting January 1.

#2: Enjoy Some Cheese

A cheese tray is a holiday staple in many homes when family and friends gather. While you might be tempted to avoid the cheese due to its fat content, eating a few pieces isn’t going to hurt. In fact, enjoying some cheese during the holidays is actually good for your oral health. Cheese returns your mouth back to its natural acidic-balanced self and this balance plays an important role in preventing tooth decay.

#3: Don’t Use Your Teeth for Anything but Chewing and Smiling

For far-too-many people, their teeth are used to not only chew their food, they also use them to open packages, pry open bottle caps, and perform a myriad of other tasks that teeth aren’t designed to do. This holiday season, use your teeth only for what they’re meant for – chewing and smiling. Anything else will put your oral health at risk.

#4: Eat and Drink in Moderation

So many holiday foods and drinks contain acidic elements that can compromise your oral health. And, the more you eat of them, the worse it will be on your teeth. So, enjoy the foods and drinks you want, but just enjoy them in moderation.dentist chesapeake va

#5: Keep Up With Your Oral Health Routine

Just because it’s the holidays and you’re in relaxation mode doesn’t mean you can get relaxed with your family’s dental care. Even on Christmas morning, you need to ensure your family keeps up with their oral care routine. While you might expect some resistance from your children, especially when they don’t want to be pried away from their presents, making sure they brush and floss their teeth like usual will help solidify good oral health habits during the holidays and all year long.

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