Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Teeth

Halloween is one of the most popular family holidays in the U.S., in part because our children get dressed up in costumes and roam house to house in search of sugary treats. It’s an annual tradition that always ends with children sick to the stomach from eating too many sweets. If you’re going to be giving out Halloween candy this holiday, then here are the best and worst types of Halloween candy to pass out from our dentist Chesapeake VA.


The Worst Halloween Candy for Teeth

Unfortunately, the worst types of candy to pass out at Halloween also tend to be those that children reach for first – chewy and sticky candy, sour candy, and sugary candy.

Chewy and Sticky Candies – These candies include things like taffy, caramels, gummy candies, and other candies that have a tendency of sticking to teeth. These are notoriously bad for the teeth because the candy sticks to the teeth and gets stuck in crevices. The sugar in the candy attracts bacteria to the area where it feeds on the sugar, turning it to acid. The acid then eats away at the enamel of the tooth, causing cavities and tooth decay.

Sour Candies – Sour candies already have a higher acidic content than sweet candies so they can accelerate tooth decay when eaten in large amounts. If your child eats sour candies, wait 30 minutes and have them brush their teeth. Don’t have them brush immediately after eating the candy or else they will wind up spreading the acid to other teeth, thus increasing the risk of tooth decay.

Sugary Candy – Candy that features a very high sugar content, like candy corn and cotton candy, are the biggest contributors to tooth decay in children. These candies should be strictly limited.

The Best Halloween Candy for Teeth

If you’re a traditionalist and you want to pass out some candy to trick-or-treaters this year, then here are a few of the healthier options out there that won’t impact tooth health too badly.

Sugar-Free Gum – Sugar-free gum is a great alternative because a lot of sugar-free gums don’t taste sugar-free. And, this type of gum has even been shown to be beneficial in the fight against cavities because it dislodges pieces of food from between the teeth and increases the production of saliva, which actually helps to neutralize the acid in the mouth.

Sugar-Free Candy – The best thing about sugar-free candies and lollipops is that they increase the production of saliva in the mouth. When a mouth is dry, plaque grows faster and this leads to more tooth decay.Dentist Chesapeake va

Dark Chocolates – If you want to give out chocolate candy this Halloween, make it dark chocolate because it has much less sugar than milk chocolate. Granted, most children don’t prefer dark chocolate, but this type of chocolate is packed with antioxidants and some studies even show that it can lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Dark chocolate, for most, is an acquired taste, so the earlier you can expose kids to the tasty benefits of dark chocolate, the better.

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