Dental Implant vs. Bridge

cosmetic dentistry in norfolk vaIf you are having issues with your teeth, you may wish to discuss tooth replacement options with an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Norfolk VA. Two of the most frequently chosen options for tooth replacement remain dental implants and the use of a bridge. A few facts will help you decide which replacement method to use.

Features of Using a Bridge for Tooth Replacement

A dental bridge is an appliance somewhat like a denture that contains replacement artificial teeth that replace your missing teeth. During the process of placing the dental bridge, the neighboring teeth will be affected. The adjacent teeth must be drilled to prepare them for bridge placement, causing potential dental damage, cavities or other dental issues. Also, any disease or damage that happens to an adjacent tooth causes the bridge to fit incorrectly.

Features of Using Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teethcosmetic dentistry in norfolk va

Dental implants use a dental device implanted into the jaw to replace the missing tooth or teeth. No part of the implant is dependent on your other healthy teeth to keep it in place. Dental implants appear the same as regular teeth. You don’t have to remove a dental appliance and brush it, as you do with a bridge. An individual brushes their dental implant in the same way they brush their teeth, so they are easy to clean. Because dental implants are permanently placed, so there is no worry about the device slipping or moving when you eat or talk.

Implant Vs. Bridge

A bridge is usually initially less expensive than a dental implant. Frequently bridge prices remain lower because insurance may pay for all or part of the appliance. However, bridges can be removed from the mouth and may wiggle around or move in the mouth, since they are not permanently placed. While bridges can be easily removed to be cleaned, you do have to remove the device to clean it, which may cause you extra effort and time in your daily routine.

Implants are more expensive in most cases than bridges. However, they wear longer than braces and won’t need to be replaced as often as bridges. Because they are permanently placed, implants will look like your natural teeth. An implant can also be cleaned just like your normal teeth.

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